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SIM by Andy Remic

Meet Justice D, a Justice SIM umbilicated since birth who killed his own mother. Used by GOV as a hardcore merciless killer hunting down rebs in the dregs, Justice D has little emotion. His biggest hobby is upgrading his armour, weapons and augmentations, taking mandrake narco and listening to groovy groovy MM.

For decades now, humanity has been colour-blind, a disability inflicted – so GOV believes – by a disease named HRG/Canker and carried by all animals across the planet. As the scientist Cantrell discovers the causes for Canker, so GOV begin a global culling of all animals in order to save Humanity…

On a patrol in the dregs, Justice D is saved by a cat which he calls Emmy. He soon learns to love his cat, until GOV discover his secret… and send Battle SIMs to shut him down...

I don’t believe it. He’s only gone and done it again!  One week after I review the latest Anarchy Books release, Monstrocity by Jeffrey Thomas, and another is already lined up for release. I can only assume that High Anarchy Overlord, Andy Remic, keeps these poor, slightly befuddled authors chained to a word processor in a windowless room somewhere demanding that they write 24/7 for nowt but a glass of dirty water and a crust of bread? I’m kidding obviously, I’m sure the water is very clean.

SIM is the fourth release from Anarchy and this time it is Remic himself that get the opportunity to flex his creative muscles. Much as I have enjoyed the likes of Kell’s Legend (fantasy) and Serial Killers Inc (urban horror) it is nice to see the author head back to his science fiction roots. I was first exposed to Remic’s work when I read the sci-fi actioner SPIRAL, and SIM has a similar feel.

This novel will have a particular resonance if you meet the two following criteria (1) you enjoy your science fiction fast paced (2) You are a fan of cats. Actually I can’t stress that second point strongly enough. The whole liking cats thing will enhance your enjoyment of the novel by a factor of ten. If your a fan of dogs, and want to read about a four legged friend in a sci-fi setting, you may wish to consider Vic and Blood by Harlan Ellison instead.

It would be wrong however to dismiss this as just a pulpy, violent science fiction tale. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of that going on, but there is also the relationship between Justice D and Emmy. This adds extra layers of depth to the plot and provides nice insight into D discovering his humanity. D is essentially a blank slate and it is through meeting Emmy he learns to become something else. He experiences feelings for the first time and begins to questions the authority of GOV.  As a side note, the faceless GOV regime is a nice referential nod to the totalitarian societies featured in films like Logan’s Run and books like 1984.

There is also a soundtrack album that accompanies SIM featuring new music by th3 m1ss1ng. I’ve been lucky enough to hear a few of the tracks and it has a hardcore, industrial style that compliments the futuristic setting of SIM perfectly.

In retrospect, now that I have completed reading the latest work to be released from the Andy Remic Writers Gulag™, I can’t fail to deny that whatever Remic is doing he does get results.

SIM by Andy Remic and the accompanying album are available via the Anarchy Books website from Friday 26th August.

Phew, managed to get through the entire review without using the ‘purr-fect’ pun that has been rattling around in my brain while I have been reading this e-book.





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