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This week’s book review has been delayed due to circumstances outwith my control, lets gloss over the fact that the latest upgrade of my favourite online game was released on Tuesday shall we. While waiting for the review to arrive may I suggest you consider exploring the world of RSS, Really Simple Syndication, feeds. There are so many fantastic websites and blogs out there for the book lover it can be quite a chore to keep track. The good news is that a lot of them now use RSS. Spending a little time learning how to use this powerful tool means you will never miss an update from your favourite site again.

First you need to learn a little about the technology, what software to use and how to set it up. The following two links are a good place to start.
I use a free piece of software called Feed Demon to view my subscriptions and I find this a most convenient way to read/track the 92 feeds I am currently subscribed to. Listed below are the book related websites that have their own dedicated feeds and I currently follow. Every one of them is worthy of your attention in my opinion.

Book Reviews

The Speculative Scotsman
My Favourite Books
Mad Hatter
A Dribble of Ink
Dark Fiction Review
Temple Library Reviews
Walker of Worlds
Occasionally Horrific
The Eloquent Page
The Wertzone
The Spy Reader
Fantasy Cafe
Floor to Ceiling Books
Genre Reader
Follow the Thread

Publishers & Publishing

Orbit Books
Black Plastic Glasses
Eos Books
Abaddon Books
Angry Robot Books
Constable Robinson Publishing

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