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Bloody January
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Genre Fiction goes Un:Bound

I don’t often post anything other than reviews but occasionally I make an exception to that rule. There are a plethora of fantastic genre fiction review blogs and websites out there and one of my personal favourites is Un:Bound. On the 6th December the plucky bunch that run the site, the theme to The A-Team is playing in my head now, are branching out into the realm of online video. Check out the official press release below.

This winter, internet TV will finally be Un:Bound

Un:Bound Video Editions began with a question ‘Why has no one ever done a vidcast about genre fiction?’. It’s a simple question and the answer to it proved to be as simple for Un:Bound editor Adele Wearing; because she hadn’t put together the team to produce one yet.

That’s now changed.  Like George Clooney in one of the good Ocean’s movies, Adele has assembled a team of specialists to bring the best in genre fiction news and reviews to the internet.  They include film maker and technical genius Vincent Holland-Keen, two-fisted editor and Angry Robot wrangler Lee Harris, sleepless genre podcaster Alasdair Stuart and, on his insistence, the dread lord of Ry’leh himself, Cthulhu. With a team like this, the casinos of Las Vegas are quaking in their cuban-heeled boots.  Or would be if the plan was to rob Andy Garcia and not to produce the best, most comprehensive, fun genre fiction TV show on the net.

A fast moving glimpse into the world of genre fiction, Episode 1 features coverage of the Other Worlds Event hosted by Writing East Midlands, Alt. Fiction and Tor, a tour of Tor Towers, Publishing Tips with Lee, news with Alasdair and a message from Cthulhu.

Whether you’re a life long, experienced con goer, newcomer or want to  find out more, the Unbound Video Edition (UBVE to its friends) is  for you.  And, in fact your friends, so check out the teaser trailers at the Un:Bound Video Editions site and join our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss upcoming episodes, specials and exclusive mailing list contests.

Because if you do, Cthulhu will know.

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