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Jaws (Pan 70th Anniversary)
Jaws (Pan 70th Anniversary)

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Mira Grant

Parasite by Mira Grant

A decade in the future, humanity thrives in the absence of sickness and disease. We owe our good health to a humble parasite - a genetically engineered tapeworm developed by the pioneering SymboGen Corporation. When implanted, the tapeworm protects us from illness, boosts our immune system - even secretes designer drugs. It's been successful beyond the scientists' wildest dreams. Now, years on, almost every human being has a SymboGen tapeworm living within them. But these parasites are getting Read more [...]

Blackout by Mira Grant

Please note Blackout is the final book of the Newflesh trilogy and there is good chance that there will be potential spoilers in this review if you haven't read books one and two, don't say I didn't warn you. With that said lets unleash the undead one more time...  Rise up while you can. - Georgia Mason The year was 2014. The year we cured cancer. The year we cured the common cold. And the year the dead started to walk. The year of the Rising.
 The year was 2039. The world didn't end Read more [...]

Deadline by Mira Grant

Please note if you haven't read Feed, part one of the Newsflesh Trilogy, this review contains some spoilers. Also it's brilliant and you totally should. Nothing stays buried for long... Shaun Mason is a man without a mission. Not even running the new organisation he built with his sister has the same urgency as it used to. Playing with dead things just doesn't seem fun when you've lost as much as he has. But when a researcher from the Centre for Disease Control fakes her own death and appears Read more [...]

Feed by Mira Grant

"The Good News: We Survived. The Bad News: So Did They". Imagine a world where scientists have cured cancer and defeated the common cold. Sounds idyllic, but what if this medical breakthrough leads to the creation and distribution of a virus that reanimates the dead. In Feed by Mira Grant we find an Earth where humanity has done just that.  The infected are a fact of life and everyone has been forced to live with the constant threat of zombies. In addition everyone has the virus. Unlike most Read more [...]