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Jaws (Pan 70th Anniversary)
Jaws (Pan 70th Anniversary)

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Joseph D’Lacey

Clown Wars: Blood and Aspic by Joseph D’Lacey & Jeremy Drysdale

For as long as anyone can remember, the Clowns and Humans of Blueville have co-existed peacefully. Sure, each species thinks the other is a little weird but that's never been something to fight about. Until, that is, a series of freakish terrorist attacks - seemingly perpetrated by clowns - turn the two bloodlines against each other. When war breaks out, the future of both species hangs in the balance. It's going to take a suicide mission to stop the carnage and only misfit circus trainee Colin Read more [...]

The Book of the Crowman by Joseph D’Lacey

The Book of The Crowman is a direct sequel to Black Feathers. I strongly urge you to read Black Feathers first, honest, I'm not kidding you know. There is also a good chance that this review may contain spoilery type elements if you haven't read book one. It is the Black Dawn, a time of environmental apocalypse, the earth wracked and dying. It is the Bright Day, a time long generations hence, when a peace has descended across the world. The search for the shadowy figure known only as the Read more [...]

Garbage Man by Joseph D’Lacey

Shreve, a dead-end town next to the UK’s largest landfill.  There’s nothing the bored residents won’t stoop to in an attempt to spice up their pedestrian lives. All wannabe model Aggie Smithfield wants is to escape before Shreve swallows her ambition along with a million tons of rubbish and dirty little secrets.  Desperate, Aggie asks renowned but reclusive ex-photographer, Mason Brand, for help. The deal they make might be the only thing that can save her when the town’s fate catches Read more [...]

Black Feathers by Joseph D’Lacey

It is the Black Dawn, a time of environmental apocalypse, the earth wracked and dying. It is the Bright Day, a time long generations hence, when a peace has descended across the world. In each era, a child shall be chosen. Their task is to find a dark messiah known only as the Crowman. But is he our saviour –or the final incarnation of evil? Black Feathers, the latest novel from Joseph D’Lacey, is a story in two halves. The narrative alternates between a couple of separate, but interconnected Read more [...]

Blood Fugue by Joseph D’Lacey

Reclusive outdoorsman, Jimmy Kerrigan, finds himself battling a vampiric plague which threatens to destroy Hobson’s Valley, the isolated mountain community he calls home. When his family, friends and neighbours fall prey to the ‘Fugue’, Kerrigan is the only one who can save them and prevent the disease spreading beyond the remote town’s boundaries. Kerrigan is uniquely equipped to deal with the outbreak. He carries a variant strain of Fugue enabling him to overcome and heal its victims. Read more [...]

Splinters by Joseph D’Lacey

Indulge yourself and let Joseph D'Lacey take you on a journey to the deepest recesses of his mind. From the author of Meat and Garbage Man comes a new collection of incredible short stories that showcase one of the finest writers of dark fiction. From the terrifying 'Food Of Love' to the haunting and lyrical 'Mango Tree', Timeline Books is publishing a Strictly Limited Edition of 500 numbered and signed copies. Splinters is a brand new collection of short fiction from the l’enfant terrible of Read more [...]

Snake Eyes by Joseph D’Lacey

Last year I had the good fortune to read The Kill Crew and then Meat by Joseph D'Lacey. Each were superb examples of the horror genre, both are darkly bleak but utterly compelling. D'Lacey's latest publication is Snake Eyes, a single volume split into two separate novellas. This is a slight departure for the author as the first story moves into the realms of science fiction while the second has a more fantastical tone. A Man of Will and Experience – Robert Johnson dreams of spiders, thousands Read more [...]

Meat by Joseph D’Lacey

Abyrne is a decaying town, trapped by an advancing wilderness. Its people depend on meat for their survival. Meat supplied by the processing plant on the edge of town. Meat is sanctified in Abyrne, a precious commodity eaten with devout solemnity by everyone except for a handful of people who won't, who suspect that the town is evil, rotten to its core. A feud smolders between the town's religious and secular powers - whoever controls the food supply controls everything. But the townsfolk are Read more [...]

The Kill Crew by Joseph D’Lacey

Barricaded into a city block called The Station, two hundred souls have survived the apocalypse. So far. Was it a bomb? A biological attack? Phase one of an invasion? No one knows. The Long Silence has begun.  After dark, thousands of the city's inhabitants - neither living nor dead - prowl the streets snatching survivors. The Station is under constant threat. Each day a lottery decides the seven members of The Kill Crew - a night shift of civilian soldiers. Their mission is simple: Extermination.  Sheri Read more [...]