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Marked For Revenge
Marked For Revenge

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Jon Steele

The Way of Sorrows by Jon Steele

Please note The Way of Sorrows is the final part of The Angelus Trilogy. If you haven’t read books one and two then it is highly likely, I can almost guarantee it, that there will be spoilers in the review that follows. With that said, enter at your own risk. The earthly—and cosmic—adventures of Katherine Taylor and Jay Harper come to an electrifying, action-packed conclusion in The Way of Sorrows, the final installment of Jon Steele’s critically acclaimed Angelus Trilogy. Sadly all Read more [...]

Angel City by Jon Steele

Angel City is a direct sequel to The Watchers. As a result of this it seems highly likely to me that there will be some spoilers in this review (I'll be honest there are definitely spoilers, I was trying to be subtle). If you've not read the 1st book proceed at your own peril. Jay Harper, one of the last 'angels' on Planet Earth, is hunting down the half-breeds and goons who infected Paradise with evil. Intercepting a plot to turn half of Paris into a dead zone, Harper ends up on the wrong Read more [...]

The Watchers by Jon Steele

Beneath Lausanne cathedral, in Switzerland, there is a secret buried before time began. Something unknown to angels and men. Until now... Marc Rochat watches over the city at night from the belfry of the cathedral. He lives in a world of shadows and beforetimes and imaginary begins. Katherine Taylor, call girl and dreamer, is about to discover that her real-life fairy tale is too good to be true. Jay Harper, private detective, wakes in a crummy hotel room with no memory. Read more [...]