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Jaws (Pan 70th Anniversary)
Jaws (Pan 70th Anniversary)

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Adam Christopher

The Burning Dark by Adam Christopher

Back in the day, Captain Abraham Idaho Cleveland had led the Fleet into battle against an implacable machine intelligence capable of devouring entire worlds. But after saving a planet, and getting a bum robot knee in the process, he finds himself relegated to one of the most remote backwaters in Fleetspace to oversee the decommissioning of a semi-deserted space station well past its use-by date. But all is not well aboard the U-Star Coast City. The station’s reclusive Commandant is nowhere Read more [...]

Exclusive Cover Reveal – The Age Atomic by Adam Christopher

There's nothing better on a grey autumnal Wednesday than some exciting news to brighten up your day. I'm delighted to exclusively reveal the stunning cover art for Adam Christopher's next novel  - The Age Atomic. The artwork is by Will Staehle, the same artist responsible for the covers to Christopher's previous novels Empire State and Seven Wonders. Enjoy! The sequel to Empire State – the superhero-noir fantasy thriller set in the other New York. The Empire State is dying. The Fissure Read more [...]

Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher

Fear the might of… The Cowl!  Tony Prosdocimi lives in the bustling metropolis of San Ventura - a city utterly gripped by fear, a city under siege by the hooded supervillain, The Cowl. When Tony develops super-powers and acts to take down The Cowl, however, he finds that the local superhero team, the Seven Wonders, aren't anything like as grateful as he assumed they would be... I am, and always will be, a comic book geek at heart. Before I developed a passion for reading novels I grew Read more [...]

Empire State by Adam Christopher

The Empire State is the other New York It's a parallel-universe, Prohibition-era world of mooks and shamuses that is a twisted magic mirror to our own bustling Big Apple. It's a city where sinister characters lurk around every corner, while the great superheroes who once kept the streets safe have fallen into deadly rivalries and feuds. Not that its colorful residents know anything about real New York...until detective Rad Bradley makes a discovery that will change the lives of all its inhabitants. There Read more [...]