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Cover Quotes

Occasionally, publishers very kindly include a quote from one of my reviews on the covers of their books, whether it be the book I’ve reviewed or a newer release by the same author. Here is a page dedicated to those quotes.

apocalypse-cowQuote from Apocalypse Cow review

” Night of the Living Dead meets Countryfile ”

Featured on the back cover of Apocalypse Cow


Black-Feathers-Joseph-DLacey Quote from Blood Fugue review

” If you’re a horror fan and you’re not already reading Joseph D’Lacey you had better have a bloody good excuse. ”

Featured on the back cover of Black Feathers


Quote from Hereward review

” Wilde’s début novel is fantastically realised. There are strong, believable characters, lashings of fast paced action but this is matched by some excellent intrigue and betrayal that helps to keep the plot moving forward. Hereward is a great example of the historical fiction genre. I recommend it highly. ”

Featured on the back cover of Hereward: End Of Days


Red Knight

Quote from The Red Knight review

” Heroes, Villains, Violence, Magic – Not just your basic, average, everday, orindary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum fantasy tale. ”

Featured on the back cover of The Red Knight


Language of DyingQuote from The Language of Dying review

“Effective and subtly affecting this is a beautiful, sometimes harrowing, story that deals with the most devastating of life’s experiences in a delicate and thoughtful manner.”

Featured on the inside cover of The Language of Dying


Hell TrainQuote from Roofworld review

“The climax is truly spectacular…this would make a great piece of cinema. It has everything you could want from a thriller.”

Featured on the inside cover of Hell Train


MurderQuote from Mayhem review

“The writing expertly treads the fine line between good crime and good horror…Dark and engrossing, I was hooked from page one. A superb read.”

Featured on the back cover of Murder


Zombie Apocalypse EndgameQuote from Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback review

“There is a sense that event are building to a climax and each episode moves things forward.”

Featured on the back cover of Zombie Apocalypse! Endgame


Your ServantsQuote from Your Brother’s Blood review

“I was enthralled… a truly fascinating reinterpretation of the zombie mythos.”

Featured on the back cover of Your Servants and Your People


VowedQuote from Banished review

“An accomplished, well crafted debut…Put quite simply Banished is pure unadulterated entertainment.”

Featured inside cover of Vowed

Clown WarsQuote from Clown Wars: Blood and Aspic by Joseph D’Lacey & Jeremy Drysdale review

“Harry Potter on laughing gas”

Featured on the back cover of Clown Wars: Blood and Aspic

Heir to the NorthQuote from The Heir to the North review

“The is a proper traditional epic fantasy with a refreshingly modern twist”

Featured on the front cover of The Heir to the North

Children of the DifferentQuote from Children of the Different review

“Smart, engrossing young adult fiction that doesn’t talk down to its target audience”

Featured on the inside cover of Children of the Different

Quote from Hell’s Ditch review

“A novel that happily presses every single one of my apocalyptic fiction buttons. Darkly entertaining and hugely ambitious in scope I think I’ll be adding this book to my list of go to apocalyptic fiction.”

Featured on the author’s website Hell’s Ditch

The Wraiths of WarQuote from The Society of Blood review

“I’d happily recommend this series to anyone and everyone, Mark Morris is writing up a hell of a storm.”

Featured on the back cover of The Wraiths of War by Mark Morris

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