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Jaws (Pan 70th Anniversary)
Jaws (Pan 70th Anniversary)

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Body in the Woods by Sarah Lotz

One foul night while her husband is away, an old friend turns up on Claire’s doorstep and begs for her help. She knows she should refuse, but she owes him. Despite her better judgement, Claire finds herself helping to bury something in the woods. The question is, will it stay buried, and can Claire live with the knowledge of what she has done? I’ll begin with an admission. I was late to the party when it came to The Three by Sarah Lotz. Once I read it though, I quickly realised I was going Read more [...]

Across The Event Horizon by Mercurio D Rivera

Mercurio D Rivera has been tipped as ‘the next big thing’ by critics and readers alike.  He first burst onto the scene in 2006 with “Longing for Langalana”. Featured in Interzone, “Langalana” won the magazine’s readers’ poll for best story of that year and became the first of many pieces to gain honourable mention in Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best anthology.  Since then, Mercurio’s work has appeared regularly in Interzone, as well as such venues as Asimov’s, Nature, Black Read more [...]

Un:Bound Video Editions get Spooky!

I like to help promote local book related goings on when I can. Those cheeky young scamps over at Un:Bound sure do make it easy to do so. Check out the poster for their latest event. Read more [...]

Cyber Circus by Kim Lakin-Smith

Hellequin, last of the HawkEye military elite, is desperate to escape the legacy of Soul Food, the miraculous plant food that leeched the soil, destroyed his family, and instigated a bloody civil war. For a man awaiting the inevitable madness brought on by his enforced biomorph implant, there’s only one choice. Run away with the circus…  Drifting above a poisoned landscape, Cyber Circus and her exotic acrobats and bioengineered freaks bring a welcome splash of colour into folk’s drab lives. Read more [...]

Myth Understandings edited by Ian Whates

This weeks post is written by Sam (@SamaelTB). He has kindly provided his thoughts on Myth Understandings. I just want to take an opportunity to thank him. For me the measure of a short story is really whether it's a story at all. So many feel like prologues to novels or just don't make sense in isolation. Others seem to feel it's okay for to skip out on character development or feel the need to hint at a massively complex world that leaves the reader with more questions than it does answers. I Read more [...]