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Marked For Revenge
Marked For Revenge

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FantasyCon 2012

I do love a good convention and FantasyCon is one of my favourites. This year, once again, the event was held in Brighton at The Royal Albion hotel. I was lucky enough to be an attendee and I had a pretty spectacular time. Panels and Launches The event organisers always go out of their way to try and accommodate as wide a variety of discussions, launches and readings as they possibly can and this year was no exception. It's great, you can attend as much or as little as you like. I sat in on Read more [...]

EDGE-Lit 2012 Convention Report

Earlier this year Alt.Fiction moved from Derby to Leicester. In its absence, EDGE-Lit has sprung up to fill the void at The Quad.   Preparation   It doesn't matter the duration of a convention the same rule always applies - preparation is key. When a convention is only a day long I advise focusing your attention on a good breakfast. Our day started at 9am in Jack Rabbits in Derby, check out my friend Vick's review of Jack Rabbits. Based on the conversations occurring around Read more [...]

The Eloquent Page at Alt.Fiction 2012

This weekend Leicester played host to the sixth annual Alt Fiction event. Mrs Cheesecake and I were there all day Saturday and had a great time sitting in on panels, chatting to any one who would listen, and chilling out in the bar. I managed to sit in on in three panels throughout the day. The topics covered were Genre TV, Horror, and Comics. Insightful stuff, and it offered a lot for me to think about. I’m certainly going to try expanding my reading horizons based on some of the items discussed. Read more [...]