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Jaws (Pan 70th Anniversary)
Jaws (Pan 70th Anniversary)

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Joan De La Haye

The Race: Besieged by Joan De La Haye

Please note Besieged is the third book in this series. If you haven’t read book one and two then I suspect this review is going to contain some spoilery moments. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Joanna has survived the wilds of Siberia only to find herself under attack from all sides as well as from within the safety of her Patron’s inner sanctum. With a war brewing and attempted assassinations, will she be able to save herself and those closest to her? Most importantly, will she be able Read more [...]

Training Days by Joan De La Haye

Please note Training Days is a direct sequel to The Race and it is likely this review may contain spoilers if you don’t read that first. You have been warned. How you choose to interpret that warning is entirely your own business. After winning The Race, Joanna Parypinski’s journey takes her from a castle in Germany to the wilds of Siberia, plunging her ever deeper into a world of political games and deadly intrigue. Once again, she must fight to survive, but how can she be victorious against Read more [...]

The Race by Joan De La Haye

Joanna Parypinski is drugged, kidnapped, and forced to fight for survival, for the entertainment of the world’s rich and depraved, as well as the chance to win her weight in gold. In the race for her life, glory, and gold, Joanna must kill or be killed. Sometimes I like nothing more than a straightforward thriller. My needs are simple - a plot that whips along at breakneck speed, a protagonist made of steel, and a few twists and turns to keep things interesting. The latest from Joan De La Read more [...]

Joan De La Haye Appreciation Day

In a weird bit of synchronicity, August appears to have had a distinctly African flavour here at The Eloquent Page. First there was that fine debut novel Infernal from South African born author Mark de Jager. Then the fantastic Poison City by Durban based author Paul Crilley arrived. To round things off, it seemed only appropriate to celebrate another of my favourite authors from the southern hemisphere, Joan De La Haye. So breaking from tradition, today you are getting two reviews for the price Read more [...]

Fury by Joan De La Haye

A young girl is brutally murdered. Two rival crime bosses fight for dominance on the streets of South Africa’s capital city. The city’s underground film industry is set ablaze. An angry spirit bent on revenge is on a murder spree. And Alice, a university student, is caught in the middle of a bloody battle for survival. Their fates all intertwine in this tale of vengeance and fury. All things considered, I think that sometimes people should be haunted by spirits hell-bent on dark malevolent Read more [...]

Fox Spirit Looks to the Shadows

Hot on the heels of the Angry Robot cover release this afternoon, we now have a little something from the good people at Fox Spirit. (I know, I know. I don't do any news for ages and then two articles come along at once. I'm like a bus).  Fox Spirit books are pleased to announce that Joan De La Haye's psychological horror 'Shadows' is now available from amazon (to follow at other outlets soon). 'Shadows' was Joan's first published novel and we are delighted to re release it. Sarah is forced Read more [...]

Oasis by Joan De La Haye

2013 – The planet has been fried by solar flares turning it into a desert. The surviving population has been affected by solar radiation, turning them into Zombies. Only a handful of people remain unaffected. A family of civilians, guided by a crack army unit who has seen more action than they can handle, must make their way to the safety of a UN base at the South Pole called New Atlantis. But can they make it to this oasis alive or will they only reach it as the undead? I know, I know, I Read more [...]