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Marked For Revenge
Marked For Revenge

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Erik Hofstatter

Rare Breeds by Erik Hofstatter

Aurel and Zora Schwartz are a married couple trying to make a modern relationship work. But an old secret is going to affect them in ways neither of them can imagine. And Zora’s daughter Livie may find herself caught in a trap built long before she was born. The ending will leave you stunned and speechless. Get ready to scream. We’ve all been envious of another person at some point in our lives. You’ve looked at someone and thought “They’ve got it all sorted. They have the perfect life, Read more [...]

Amaranthine and Other Stories by Erik Hofstatter

Amaranthine and Other Stories serves up nine schlock horror slices, sprinkled with quirk and humour. Forget vampires. Forget werewolves. Forget ghosts. Humans are the ultimate grotesques. Variant flavours of woe sift through these pages. The results are sometimes hilarious, sometimes outright hair-raising! From time to time I like to dip my toes in the waters of short fiction. Horror always lends itself well to this particular format, so when the latest collection from Erik Hofstatter arrived Read more [...]

Katerina by Erik Hofstatter

Kamil, a thirty-something medieval weapons trader resides in the notorious Red Light District in Prague. Despite his hatred for prostitutes, he accepts an offer from Ginny - a local sex worker. As their unusual friendship unfolds and Kamil witnesses several bizarre scenarios, he begins to suspect that Ginny might not be an ordinary prostitute… Having read Moribund Tales and The Pariahs, I jumped at the opportunity to take a look at Erik Hofstatter’s latest, Katerina. What begins as a Read more [...]

The Pariahs by Erik Hofstatter

Two disfigured siblings are torn from their beds at night by The Government and transported into an isolated stronghold, hidden in the deepest and most hostile parts of Siberia. Friendships will be formed and loyalties tested as the siblings struggle to locate one another, but tragedy lurks within the stronghold and blood relation does not always mean family. Last year I read Moribund Tales by Erik Hofstatter, and there were a couple of standout stories in the collection. When the opportunity Read more [...]

Moribund Tales by Erik Hofstatter

I like to include the odd anthology in my reading schedule from time to time. I find short story collections a perfect way to fill the gap if I have a spare five/ten minutes with nothing to do. Moribund Tales is a short anthology from author Erik Hofstatter. It collects together ten tales that mix urban legends with gothic horror. Internal Abduction - Things kick off with a retelling of one of my favourite urban legends. We’ve all had a night on the tiles and then woken up with a memory like Read more [...]