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Hasty for the Dark by Adam Nevill

These selected terrors range from the speculative to supernatural horror, encompass the infernal and the occult, and include stories inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Robert Aickman and Ramsey Campbell. Hasty for the Dark is the second short story collection from the award-winning and widely appreciated British writer of horror fiction, Adam L. G. Nevill. The author’s best horror stories from 2009 to 2015 are collected here for the first time.

As a little treat, seeing as it’s Halloween, I thought I might just squeeze in an extra review this week. We began October with an Adam Nevill review, and in a weird twist of fate we’re ending October with one. Towards the tail end of 2016 I read Some Will Not Sleep, a self-published collection of Adam’s short stories from the beginning of his career. A year later and a second collection has materialised, Hasty for The Dark. So, without further ado, on with the show…

On All London Underground Lines – I’m really not a fan of underground trains. As a rule, tube stations make me feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Just imagine you were stuck underground constantly reliving the same mind-numbing, brain-smothering horror again and again. The first story in the anthology and already the author is messing with my head. I have to admit I’m particularly fond of horror that taps right into my most primal fears. Doesn’t make me want to ride in a tube train any time soon mind you.

The Angels of London – Renting rather than buying can appear the ideal option when you move to a new city. The only real problem is that you’ll never know who (or what) will end up being your landlord. Frank has reached what he thinks is rock bottom. He’s wrong, you can always fall further.

Always in Our Hearts – Secrets can be insidious, cruel things. They can eat you away from the inside out. A taxi driver called Ray learns the hard way that eventually secrets will always catch up with you.

Eumenides (The Benevolent Ladies) –  When something appears too good to be true, then chances are it is. When Electra agrees to go out on a date with Jason he is dumbfounded. What could such a perfect woman ever see in him? Perhaps a trip to an old run-down zoo will shed some light on her enigmatic nature.

The Days of Our Lives – When you’re in thrall to someone, you’re prepared to do anything for them…anything. A story that explores just how dysfunctional relationships can become and the damage they can cause.

Hippocampus – In the moments just after some horrible event we follow a route through a seemingly abandoned freighter. I envisaged this like a single shot movie. The camera slowly pans from room to room. As we explore each location small hints of what has occurred are revealed. I think this may be the standout story of the collection for me. It was just so different, a story with no characters, no plot, but multiple subtlety horrific suggestions.

Call the Name – Cleo has insight. Her family have passed down a secret through the generations. The problem is that she’s an old lady now and no-one is likely to listen to her seemingly nonsensical ramblings. There is something heart-breaking about this story. The end of the world seen through the eyes of someone who is so easily dismissed.

White Light, White Heat – Office work can be torturous, especially when you know that eventually the chances are you’re going to be fired. I’ve been a cubicle monkey for decades now (yup, I am that old) and I can really appreciate the surreal nature of working in large room with people all doing essentially the same thing.

Little Black Lamb – A husband and wife uncover an item that has been long since buried. The longer they keep it, the more it exerts its will on them. What is the nature of the force that demands their attention? Is it benevolent or malicious?

For a genre fan, there can be little better than reading the work of an author at the top of their game. I can’t fault a single story in this collection. Hasty for the Dark is the perfect companion piece to Some Will Not Sleep. I’d suggest buying both. You a chance to enjoy a writer finding their voice and seeing it evolve into their signature style. Let’s be honest, the only thing better than being creeped out is being creeped out by a factor of two.

Hasty for the Dark is published by Ritual Limited and is available now.

Hasty for the Dark: Selected Horrors

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