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News – Tim Minchin causes a Storm in a literary teacup

I apologise for the post title, I couldn’t resist. Look here’s some flame haired, beat poetry related book news.

Orion signs up STORM – a dazzling book of illustrated beat-poetry from the magical mind of Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin is the award-winning Australian musician, songwriter, actor and comedian with worldwide sell-out arena tours under his belt as well as scores of awards. Now, Orion is delighted to announce the publication of his first ever book.

Alan Samson, Publisher of Non-Fiction at the Orion Publishing Group, has bought World Rights from Caroline Chignell at PBJ Management.

Tim Minchin said: “I’m so glad this poem has been made into a book: now I can literally hit people over the head with my opinions.”

Alan Samson said: “Orion is thrilled to be bringing this internet phenomenon to another medium. Tracy and Dan’s artwork and design values are a perfect complement to Tim’s sparkling text, and we expect his book to go down a storm this autumn.”

STORM is an illustrated book born from the hit YouTube animation of Tim Minchin’s sublime beat-poem of the same name. With over three million views STORM has won support from high-profile experts in science and scepticism, becoming an anthem for critical thinking worldwide.

“You’d imagine that any attempt to gild Tim’s lily would end in disaster, but STORM succeeds on every level. An absolute treat.” − Rufus Hound

“STORM perfectly captures the twisted, disfigured sack of pity and incomprehension my face becomes when attempting to present facts to the irrational.” − Professor Brian Cox

“Tim Minchin is a prophet and a poet, and STORM is his masterpiece: a passionate love letter to reason that is as hilarious as it is profound, as savage as it is touching. Flawlessly written and divinely illustrated, this is a truly unique and special book.” − Jane Goldman

“I have lived STORM, repeatedly. Minchin is a god among dorks.” − Ben Goldacre

In the confines of a London dinner party, comedian Tim wages a verbal and intellectual battle with a hippy named Storm, the fifth guest at the table. While Storm herself may not be converted, audiences have been won over by Tim’s wordplay and the timely message of the piece in a society where science is attacked as the enemy of belief.

With a foreword from Neil Gaiman and boasting breathtaking original art from animator and illustrator DC Turner (with producer Tracy King), the illustrated book will capture the lyrical wonders of Tim Minchin’s poem in its entirety. It will also include behind-the-scenes insight into the making of STORM with a new introduction from Tim Minchin, photos, storyboards, sketches and more.

The illustrated book of STORM will be published simultaneously in trade paperback, eBook and deluxe hardback edition on 16th October 2014. The limited run of hardback editions will be numbered and signed with exclusive extra content.

STORM the animated internet sensation has received over three million YouTube views, was longlisted for an ANIMATED SHORT FILM BAFTA, is being screened on the Australian ABC TV network and has already been subtitled in three languages.

Tim Minchin has been performing his unique brand of musical comedy in front of appropriately excitable and ever-growing audiences since 2005. He is the composer and lyricist for the West End and Broadway Musical MATILDA, he provided narration for Shaun Tan’s OSCAR-winning animation THE LOST THING, and completed an arena tour culminating in dates at the Sydney Opera House, and the Royal Albert Hall with the 55-piece Heritage Orchestra. He played a lead role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, is currently working on a DreamWorks animation and is set to play Hyde Park, London this summer. Tim has over 730,000 followers on Twitter and a dedicated army of fans. He lives in L.A. with his wife and two children.

DC Turner is an illustrator, animator, musician and award-winning coder. He created the original animation for the STORM short movie and has now fully re-designed the artwork for the illustrated book.

Tracy King is a producer, writer and consultant, working to popularise rationalism and science. She co-created and produced the animated short STORM and blogs regularly at

For more information and to pre-order STORM please visit:

STORM * Tim Minchin with DC Turner and Tracy King * Orion * 16 October 2014

Trade Paperback Edition * £12.99 * 9781409156253

Hardback Deluxe Edition * £20.00 * 9781409152095

eBook Edition * £6.99 * 9781409152101

Tim Minchin Storm Cover

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