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The Eloquent Page hijacks The Speculative Scotsman

I’m constantly surprised that people, other than me, actually read my ramblings here at The Eloquent Page.  I often potter around my little internet home blissfully forgetful of all the other fantastic book review sites out there in the ether*.   That’s why it came as the most pleasant of surprises when Niall from The Speculative Scotsman got in touch and asked if I would be interested in providing a guest post while he was away on holiday. Words can’t express how happy I felt, my 1st ever guest post. The image below should at least give you some idea.

Anyway, who am I to deny a fellow Scotsman? Said post is now live and can be read in all its glory via the link below.


Guest Post | Pablo of The Eloquent Page Reviews Swan Song by Robert McCammon


Be warned! prepare yourself for some for full-on McCammon love.


*There are many. I urge you read them all in order to get the best possible insight into all things bookish. Come back here sometimes as well though m’kay.

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